How we protect your data

At Addapp we believe that your data belongs to you. Yes, we store your data – but only to help you discover more about yourself.

And because you put your data in our trust, we see it as our responsibility to keep it safe.

Here are two examples of how we do that.

1. Whenever you transmit information to us, it get’s encrypted so that no one can intercept it as it travels through the web. The information only gets decrypted once it’s reached our servers.

2. We make our servers as safe as possible and we regularly get that checked by an independent audit company. If we ever make a mistake, the independent experts will point us to it.

But having well-protected servers is only half the story. We – and everyone who uses the Internet – must be aware that total security doesn’t exist. No matter how careful you are, you’d be naïve to think that the top hackers in this world couldn’t hurt you if they went for you.

That’s why we have a second policy: to limit the damage if ever we get hacked. Most importantly, we make sure that no one gets hold of your most sensitive data – your password and credit card details.


In fact, we don’t store credit card information on our servers. Instead, this information is sent to a highly secured third-party server. This server converts your data into codes, so-called tokens that look like this:


It’s these codes that we store on our servers and they are almost impossible to convert back to the original text. In other words, we don’t know your credit card details. We’ve never even seen them.

For your password we use a similar technique: every time you log in, we convert your password into a code and match it with the code on our server. We’ve only seen your true password once. We don’t store it and nor does anybody else.

And if you are wondering about your passwords for third party services: we don’t know them either. When you allow us to import data – say from Jawbone or RunKeeper – you give us permission via their server, not ours.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.13.06

As the screenshot shows, you log-in on the URL of the third party which then sends us permission to use your data.

So, should our servers ever get compromised, your passwords and credit card details will be safe. And this is where our philosophy comes full circle: because we don’t store the most sensitive information, we are less attractive to get hacked in the first place.

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