Why you should stop sacrificing sleep

sacrafice sleepOn 28 January 1986, the Challenger space shuttle took off from Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. This was its 10th journey into space. All previous missions had returned their astronauts safely. This one didn’t. 73 seconds into its flight the Challenger exploded.

That evening I remember wondering:

“Maybe when man ventures into space, one day or another, such a thing is bound to happen?” But a Commission that investigated the accident didn’t think so.

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How to sleep better: 5 ways to get a good night’s sleep

Constantly getting a good night’s sleep is an essential part of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Since I started using the Jawbone Up to track my sleep, I’ve started to pay more attention to what influences the quality and quantity of sleep I’m getting each night.

We’re all individuals and what works for me, may not also be the perfect solution for you. However, by experimenting with your own routines and learning to avoid common enemies of sleep, you can easily find out what works best for you.

Below are 5 ways to help improve your sleep and start to work out your perfect sleeping routines.

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Surprising science: How to keep fit without breaking a sweat

Walk Up StairsDo you have trouble dragging yourself to the gym?

And have you ever wished you’d lose pounds and live healthy without all the sweat?

If so, you may want to get your hands on the BBC documentary The Truth About Exercise. In this programme, Michael Mosley, a self-professed sloth, goes on a quest to live healthier without sweat-breaking exercise. And what he digs up is surprising.

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What is deep sleep and how much do we need of it?

I started self-measuring with the Jawbone Up 10 days ago. The amount of deep sleep I was getting immediately caught my eye. Here’s the data from one of the first nights:


Straight away I noticed that deep sleep was just 30% of my overall sleep.

It seemed too little to me and while this was my worst night, my deep sleep never climbed above 38%.

So I started wondering: How much deep sleep should I get? What exactly is it? What does it do for me?
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10 things runners should stop doing

1. Wearing the wrong shoes

running shoes

Many runners, me included, have made the mistake of wearing the wrong type of shoes for your feet and running style. This can lead to an uncomfortable running experience and injuries.

When I first started training for a race a few years back, I used the running shoes I had laying in the corner of my room– they were a few years old, run down and not suited to my running style. I got chronic shin splints, until a point where I struggled to run over 2 miles due to the pain. [click to continue…]

What happens to our bodies when we run? Backed by science.

jogging_Whether you’re running to keep fit, training for a marathon or just looking to lose some weight, exercise changes our bodies. And we’re all aware of certain benefits to running; a healthier lifestyle, feeling good about yourself and the perfect excuse to have a treat and eat your favourite dessert.

What isn’t so clear though, is what happens behind the scenes as we run. As such, I decided to set out and do some research to identify what goes on inside our bodies as we run. [click to continue…]

Why you should stop trying to get 8 hours sleep every night

Add_app_sleepWe all have to sleep every day, so you’d think we’d know exactly how much sleep we need to be at our best. Just like a good diet and exercise, sleep is essential for our productivity, happiness and general well being; yet we tend to know a lot less about sleep than other essential parts of our lives.

For as long as I can remember, 8 hours sleep per night has always been seen as the perfect amount. It’s taken as the gospel. Ask almost anyone; “how much sleep should you have?” and they almost certainly reply; “eight hours.” But that’s not necessarily the case. [click to continue…]

CES 2014: Are these products the future of digital health?

As we all start to pay more and more attention to the finer details of our daily lives, 2014 is going to be huge for digital health and wearable technology.

The annual Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas is always a hotbed for the latest technology and this year was no different, with an array of amazing wearables and digital health products on show.

Here’s a recap of our three favourite products unveiled so far: [click to continue…]