Gadget review: The Misfit Shine

The Fitbit, the Jawbone, the Nike Fuelband – every wristband has its strength, but they share the same weakness: they look mediocre at best and I must wear them on the wrist. I cannot hide them.

Enter the Misfit Shine.

Here at last is a tracker with a design so good that I don’t want to hide it.

And even when I do: I can tug the Shine onto my shoes or put in my pocket and it measures just the same.

No doubt, aesthetically the Shine is the best tracker I’ve ever had. But what about performance? Currently retailing at $119,95, is it worth the price?

I’ve used it the last six weeks.

Here are three things I like about the Shine

shine_11. I don’t have to tell the Shine when I go to sleep.
It detects that automatically. It can also auto-detect swimming, cycling, playing basketball, tennis and soccer. This function is limited though: it only detects one activity at a time and I have to pre-select it on the mobile app.

It’s less than I hoped for but better than my other trackers: they don’t auto-detect anything at all.

2. Battery-life: This is where most trackers fall short. I have to charge them every six or ten days. Not the Shine: its battery lasts four full months! That is the claim. I haven’t had it that long but after six weeks I certainly can’t complain.

3. I love the blinking light system. I tap twice on the Shine and the lights shows me how close I am to reaching my daily goal. See it in this 8-second video:

It’s fun and practical.

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Over to the things I don’t like so much

1. While the mobile app looks good, it doesn’t give me much data:
shine_2My Jawbone Up gives me more information: how long I was idle and my longest active period, for example. It also gives me averages and tips. I wish the Shine did that too.

2. The app has a strange feature: it shows achievements of people I don’t know.


Why would I care?

3. My Shine has a scratch!

All I did was slightly scrape against a wall when walking in the street. The scratch isn’t super visible but it’s a shame given that the good-look is the Shine’s big strength. shine_4

So is the Misfit Shine worth its price?

Yes! I love using the Shine because it is so practical to wear. It’s currently my favorite tracker and that’s surprising: I’m normally a data buff. I should prefer a tracker that gives me more tips and information. But I don’t. I realize now how frustrated I was with the design and wearability of other trackers. Aesthetics are more important to me than I thought!

So I recommend the Shine. But be careful, if daily insights are important to you and if you want to crunch through a lot of data, the Shine can fall short for you.

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