CES 2014: Are these products the future of digital health?

As we all start to pay more and more attention to the finer details of our daily lives, 2014 is going to be huge for digital health and wearable technology.

The annual Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas is always a hotbed for the latest technology and this year was no different, with an array of amazing wearables and digital health products on show.

Here’s a recap of our three favourite products unveiled so far:

Withings Aura

Whilst it’s not a wearable, the Withings Aura, has without a doubt been one of the most talked about products at CES 2014.

The Aura consists of a small sensor placed under your mattress, which subtly tracks your body’s movements, breathing patterns and heart rate throughout the night. The Aura also includes a companion, which monitors the light and sound in your bedroom.

Both parts of the Aura sync with an iPhone app to give you a detailed analysis of your sleep patterns.

Are you tossing and turning too much? Suffering with inconstant sleep? Or just intrigued to know more about your sleeping habits? If so, the Aura may just be the perfect product for you.

Smart socks

Smart Socks

Image courtesy of: Heapsylon Flickr

The world’s first smart socks were unveiled at the show this year by Heapsylon, and when released, they’ll cost around £100. The socks will track how your foot hits the ground, the rhythm of each footfall and also calculate stride length.

Over-time the app associated with the socks will learn how you run and provide feedback on technique in order to help avoid strain and injury.

As a runner myself, I’ve had a number of shin and knee injuries and these socks could be a perfect tool to identify why I have such problems. What do you think: would you use a pair of smart socks to help analyse your running technique? (Tweet and let us know)

Google Glass controlled treadmill

Treadmills aren’t the most fun way to train, right? Well, this could be about to change with the introduction of Technogym’s Google Glass controlled treadmill.

You can control the treadmill speed of the treadmill using your voice and your running data will be displayed using the headset; if you choose to, you can even communicate with a personal trainer via webcam.

All data from your run will be synced to a mobile device, too – this is something I’ve personally had issues with in the past when some of my training has been done outdoors and some on a treadmill. It’d be great to have all data synced to my devices.

Technogym will also be making the treadmill API available for third parties to create their own fun, exciting integrations. How would you improve the treadmill experience?

Other notable products:

  • LG Life band and Heart Rate earphones
  • Razr Nabu fitness band

The year ahead is certainly an exciting one for wearable tech and digital health. What areas of your life do you track? And which products are you most excited about? I’d love to hear from you.


Community Manager at Addapp. I love sports, fitness and tracking. Outside of the office can often be found on a basketball court or football pitch.

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