Our mission here at Addapp is to empower you to be at your best; to feel great; and simply, to live smarter.

There is always room for improvement. We believe that you should strive to improve your well-being bit by bit, through small, and sometimes subtle, lifestyle changes. That's why we provide you with personalized insights to help you learn more about yourself and get you marching purposely toward your full potential.

Addapp was born out of a need to create context in the ever-evolving world of wearable technology and tracking devices. Nowadays, millions of us track our steps, sleep, nutrition and much more. The problem is, the data generated from this tracking only tells half the story. We use a data-driven, and science-backed, approach to give you the complete story and create an app that will truly help you live smarter.

We're based in the SoMa district of San Francisco and have team members spread around the globe. Get to know a little more about us below.

Addapp Team

Kouris Kalligas, CEO & Co-founder

I love wearable & mobile technology in the well-being domain. I have always believed that we know more about the inner workings of our cars, our banking accounts, or even our mobile phones than we know about our own well-being. Why? This “why?” has been driving me and has been one of the biggest motivators to start tracking myself and then start Addapp. I love coffee & whatever my mom is cooking.

Andreas Creten, CTO & Co-founder

As a data freak, I'm fascinated by the wealth of personal data created by wearables and tracking devices. I'm also a firm believer in the power of data to help us understand more about our well-being and improve our day-to-day lives. When I'm away from my desk, I'm often sailing with my friends or skiing down my favourite slopes.

Ash Read, Head of Growth

I love sports and fitness. I first started tracking to help with training and motivation for a half marathon. Since then I have become more and more fascinated by how we can utilize technology to help us know more about ourselves and achieve our goals. Outside of the office can often be found on a basketball court or football pitch.

Laura Williams, Head of Insights

As a former couch potato, I love anything that makes exercise and healthy living more interesting and engaging. I've loved using my years of experience as a personal trainer to help compile safe and effective insights for Addapp users. Providing data for people based on their habits is one thing; combining that data to help nudge the user in the right direction is quite another, so I'm thrilled to be part of the Addapp team.

Lucas Michot, Software Engineer

I like working at solving problems and making systems work fast and efficiently. As a skydiver, relying on technology is a critical aspect, and I want to provide the same level of reliability to Addapp users. Out of the office, you will find me shopping in bio-markets or jumping from a plane.

Lance Barnett, Data Scientist

Mathematician and data nerd, I also like exercise and keeping healthy. I love to hike - I've hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up. Of course, just walking here in San Francisco is pretty much hiking too! I'm happy to be leveraging my skills and interests to provide insights that will improve the well-being of the Addapp community.

Awkward BV, Product Development

Our team uses a number of apps to track our well-being and fitness, as such we understand how these apps can impact people's lives. We've been involved in leading Addapp product development since the start, building two mvp's and using the learnings from these products to build our current Addapp offering. Our mission at Awkward is to create products that have a purpose, solve problems and help people, Addapp perfectly embodies that mission.

madewithlove, Back-end Development

The digital health and quantified self industries are changing rapidly and we love to keep on top of the latest developments from a technical perspective. The team at madewithlove built the backend of Addapp from the ground up and we're excited to continue along the journey as Addapp grows. When we're not integrating new services and APIs, we're continually experimenting with new ways to make Addapp smarter, faster and easier to use.

Evolved Analytics, Data Scientists

We continuously analyze self-tracking data from the quickly growing number of Addapp users, to find links and patterns, and then design scalable algorithms and engines to bring these personalized insights to everyone. We are proud to be on board with Addapp because it embraces everything we believe in: touching the hearts of millions by using hard core data science to find game-changing insights and help you take better, well educated decisions in your daily life.